Congratulations on your new Egg Friend. 

Play games. Earn money. Feed it. Love it. Watch it grow. It is sure to love you back.


  • 2 endings
  • Play time: ~10 minutes (~20 minutes to see both endings)
  • 90's nostalgia
  • Content warning: very mild flashing, gore


A – Move

S – Select

D – Deselect

NOTE: This game is not designed for mobile at the time and may break. You will need keyboard input for it to work properly. Also, you cannot change resolution for the web version.


Made by Haikumapurlmelon, and poxei for Summer Slow Jams August 2020: Horror Games.

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip the folder and run the .exe file.

OSX: Unzip and open the .app. NOTE: Due to Apple requiring a developers license to properly "sign" applications, you may have trouble opening the game on OSX. In this case, right click the .app and select Open. Then confirm that you want to open the file.


Download 47 MB
Download 47 MB


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this is my best friend now 


i gived him my finger....

I had to play this again to look at my sweet child once more...I love him

Nice game, It stopped while I was playing the hurdling game tho🌷

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I think I have the good end. it is cute and healthy. I completely recommend this game :3

yeah...cute doing it


11/10 💛💛💛


if you dont clean his poop he grows faster weird isnt it?

nope. I didn't clean the bones..  I MEAN! the poop

yep after a while he starts pooping bones

i give this a 10/10 this is really good


the monsters are kinda cute doe


wtf how are they cute?!

They are. And they arent monsters...They are just... um... sad


omfg yes


or not.. i-i thought... neeeeeeeeeevermind


A little while back, I decided to play some games on my channel that pretended to be something cute an innocent, and I came across this game. This perfectly emulates the experience of raising a Tamagotchi, with a terrifying twist. I absolutely loved this game, and you can watch my experience with it here: 


This game was so fun! Brought back all those memories of owning a tamagotchi, and then things got weird. Thought it was fun and once I saw there were multiple endings I had to play it through multiple times and glad I did!

Great work, keep it up!


Ok so this game is super super cool I went in completely blind so the eldritch horror Vibes were ~unexpected and fun~



So THAT'S where my tamagotchi went.


the monster has me shivering! very spooky, 10/10! the part where the game doesn't work is just so scary.


Loved this game! Great mix of cute and creepy. Nostalgic but a cool twist.


This games garphics are so cute! I loved the simple retro design and adore the tamogachi nostalgia. Sometimes the controls felt confusing but other than that I enjoyed this immensely. I Look forward to future projects!!


I love games like this. Cute with a creepy undertone that gets worse as it goes. Nice job of sticking to the look and feel of tamagotchi!


Thank you for playing!

you're welcome!


Loved it!! Is getting the potion possible?? Does it do something :O


If you grind games from the beginning, then yes, it should be possible! It definitely does... something

I tried but when the food option changes my money goes down to like 8? Am I doing something wrong?

That’s really weird.... might be a bug? Not sure which version you’re playing on.

i dont see any potion, what potion?

If you play long enough the potion will eventually appear in the shop!


Im going to starve this egg until it boils


i love how it slowly gets creepier


Perfect mix of creepy and cute. Loved it!


its not what it seems


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Loved how cute and spooky this is!

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Daniels List Of Comments!

OH... It is going to eat me isnt it?

Tomagachi much?

Yay! An bird octopus driftblim!

Uhhhh, That doesnt look good...

Yup, it ate me!


Really cute, until it's not. Corruption of childhood things is one of my favorite styles of horror, and I'm glad I played through for both endings. Fun game.


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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thanks for helping me get the second ending
p.s. sorry for my bad english, I'm polish

Your English is fine, glad you saved your egg friend!


Really love the little game!