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hey dude. so is there anyway to make it fullscreen? like when its "large" i can't see the words cause its cut off but when it's "small" i also can't read the words cause its too small. sorry if this came across as rude im not trying to be i really appreciate the time and effort put into this


Sorry, there isn’t currently! I have a script attached that helps smooth out how pixels are rendered, but from initial observation it wouldn’t resize the image unless it was a multiple of the original size (640x480->1280x960, for example). Let me take another look though- would hate that people wouldn’t be able to play this due to accessibility issues.

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So I just messed around with the script and updated the game to add a 720 pixel resolution, which hopefully should fit on most laptop screens?

Since 720 isn't a multiple of 480 the game will render a little oddly (and the best fix for this would definitely be allowing the player to change font size but that would require more extensive changes) but I'm hoping this helps enough for now. Sorry about that!

will this work on a macbook air?? i would literally p a y money for this game if it did. 

It should!!!

it does!

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This was so amazing, i loved it! Do you have a ko-fi or any other kind of tip jar, would love to support :)


I don't, but please consider donating a few dollars: (or like, your charity of choice) if you enjoyed the game!

This was so incredible thank you for making this :)

Loved this, thank you! And it looks beautiful :)

hey for one reason on my first run through when bill, Richie, and Eddie get stuck in the room in neibolt and the losers come and save them it keeps freezing after spider stan is killed.It freezes right before beverly comes over and bill goes to yell at Eddie. is it just freezing because it's new or is there a way to fix this???

Did you get this figured out? I don't think I've had anyone have this happen to them before, so definitely a weird one... Do you know your operating system and version?

I got it to work! I restarted my computer and it worked well again.that part froze again on the second run through but I just restarted my game again and it didn’t freeze again at all for the rest of the game.

I love love love loved it!!!!!! My favorite part was taking back the keys haha

Can I play it on a Android phone?

Sorry, right now its PC only!

i'm definitely stupid and theres probably a very easy way to fix this that i'm just not getting. i'm on the third run around after richie has stolen the keys as they're about to enter neibolt. richie and eddie have had their conversation, yet it wont let me walk through the door. is there something else i need to do or is the game just bugging out? 

hang on im a fucking idiot- i figured it out

how did you figure it out?? im stuck there too lol

wait omg nvm i got it


so sorry to bug you but I am having trouble with the asking eddie about his book portion, mainly with trying to ask him other questions besides about burns.

Wait a second for the options to fully load! Then instead of hitting spacebar you can change your selection with the up/down arrow keys

what if that still doesn't work?is there an alternative to the up/down arrows?

And that still doesn’t work? What happens? It should make a beep noise, move the selected option, bold the new one and add a “>” character to the front. Can you move normally with the up/down arrows?

yes I can normally move the up/down arrows and that's the thing, nothing seems to happen!

That is, incredibly strange.

I might end up  adding a patch sometime this week that uses WASD in addition to the arrow keys, although I don’t know if that would help your case. In the meantime you could try redownloading the files (although I suspect that won’t do much). Do you know what your operating system/version is?

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Hi, I'm sorry to bother you, but I downloaded the game for windows, extracted it and whenever I try to click on the application (with the turtle logo) nothing happens. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? XD 

I also disabled my browser security settings, but it didn't change anything :(

Oh that’s strange... it’s not giving you any sort of “cannot open” error message, the application just isn’t opening? Are you unzipping the entire folder or just the one application file? After you double click and wait a while, does it at least appear in the Windows Task Manager?

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yeah,it's weird, the mouse turns into the little "loading" logo, but then nothing happens, I've been going through these comments to find something similar and tried every suggestion, but it's not doing anything. I even tried following youtube tutorials, but nope :( I'm extracting the entire folder and then clicking the application when it's done,but nothing comes up in the task manager either :/ 

Can you try right clicking and run as administrator? That’s super weird I have no idea whats happening (you might also try googling for “unity game not opening on windows” or something similar.....maybe other people have run into this.....

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I've tried run as administrator as well..same results :( I'll definitely give the google search a try :)

(Thank you for responding so quickly, and sorry for being a pain. I'm just so desperate to play this game AHH!!) haha 

my google search doesn't really result in anything relating to my issue, so I'm stumped again :( do I need to download Unity itself?

Hi maybe I am stupid, but I have a Samsung phone and trying to download and it won't work, what am I doing wrong. (The game looks amazing)

Also will you put this game like in the play store.

Hi- sorry, but this game won't work on mobile! It's only compatible with Windows or Apple PCs!

I probably won't be putting it on the Play Store- for one, I'm pretty sure like, legally I'm not allowed to?

Ok thanks maybe I can play in the future,looks great!

hey, i'm trying to download it but it's not working, it says it failed to download because it is prohibited (?). i am from another country so i was wondering if this was the problem, can help me please? 

If its not downloading at all (vs not being allowed to run), is it possible your browser settings don’t allow downloads because of security risk? You may be able to go to browser settings and temporarily disable that for this site.

thanks for the help, it is working now :)

This game is stunning. I was amazed by all of the beautiful cutscenes, the gameplay was entertaining and the story went in directions I didn't expect. Great work!

Enjoying the game a lot, great detail and overall feel for everything, can't wait to go further

Hey does this work on chromebooks?

It doesn't! If I can figure out how I may add an android build in the future- I know some chromebooks can run android apps, but this may take some time and no guarantees. Sorry about that!

I hope you can see the rating i left because it basically says everything. You made an amazing game, not only the story but the game itself.Graphics, story, game play, development, all amazing. 


hi, when i get to the point where they go into hole to pennywises lair thing it wont let me go down it. am i doing something wrong?

To actually finish that scene you gotta talk to Eddie! So you can trigger the whole "You're braver than you think" dialogue!

ok! thank you

My game keeps freezing at the same point every time. I’ve tried re loading it. what should i do??


Which point does it get stuck? And also what OS and version do you have?

haha false alarm i reset my laptop and it worked :)

when I click on the turtle it won't open the game. it said it cannot be open. I use a apple computer. is there a way to fix this problem?

Yeah, it depends on your mac version! Basically sometimes apple will restrict unsigned apps from being run (signing apps means having a developers license). I think for catalina this works:
If you have an older version you might have to google around... when I tested it what worked was right/control clicking the app and the selecting run from there:

try right clicking on the game and press open and then when the can’t open notification pops up it should have an extra open button on it. press open and then you’ll have to put in a password and it should work. i hope this makes sense :)

I do this and it doesn't give a second option to place in my password. it just said it can't be open and it only gives my the option to press okay. I use a Mac book pro, does that have anything to do with it.


ngl i cried throughout the whole thing.

this is beautiful. thank you.


hi, i've been trying to open the app and stuff but i'm really bad with all this and i can't make it work.

like idk what to do after typing on the download buttons... is something just supposed to pop out or am i supposed to install another app to make it work?

What device are you on? Windows? Mac? Can you unzip the folder somewhere?

is this always gonna be for just apple and window software or is it also gonna be able to be downloadable for microsoft? i want to play it so bad and I don't have either software

I'm not quite sure what you mean by that- Microsoft's operating system should be just be Windows, unless there's something I'm missing? Try running that and see if it works.

In terms of other operating systems: I may, at some point, attempt to make an Android build for people with Chromebooks. 

when i try to open it on the turtle icon in the files, it says it can't be opened and to try reinstalling and when i tried, it didn't work

it's telling me to reinstall the program :')

Oh... do you know what version of Windows you have (vista, 10, etc?)

what programs did you use to create the game?, I would like to make one

Aseprite for the art assets (its $20 and totally WORTH IT), Unity for the game itself (ITS FREE), GarageBand for the music!

Thank you very much. Stenbrough is my FAVORITE OTP. Do you ship them? Could you do some Stenbrough. 

I'm Mexican, sorry for my english 

Thank you for this. I cried in the part three. Can we have some stenbrough in the future? please!!!


this is the most stunningly beautiful and well-made game i've ever played. i can't stop crying. i'm going to play it again.

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This game was so beautiful i feel honoured to play it. I am now just so sad that this isn't canon its just so amazingly  put and still works for the movie. thank you so much <3 

i would probably drop dead from excitement and love if another future related IT game was created by you


i love this so so so much . i had so much fun playing and lots of tears . its so perfect and cute and UGH AMAZING SO SO SO AMAZING


ive somehow played this three times,huh.

this game is so beautiful,honestly. ive never played any game like it. spoilers just in case, i especially love the uses of the flashbacks and the mood colouring, like if its calm its pastel and if its serious its more saturated. and of course the graphics/art and how canon it feels. i could talk forever about this game, it had me hooked through all of the gameplay. thank you for spending your time making this masterpiece, i enjoyed every bit of it!


I literally made an account just so I could leave a comment hahah
This was absolutely fantastic! Seriously, this was an amazing experience all the way through. The art was amazing with such great tonal coloring and such a dedication to amplifying whatever emotion was already being brought to you in the scene. The writing was clever and in character. The zigs were zigging and the zags were zagging. But also sometimes a zig zagged, which was also great.
This story was really well done. Like, wow. I may or may not have left the experience more than a little teary eyed.

Thank you so much for all of the time and effort that must have gone into making this game- it was a privilege to play.


Hi!, so the thing is that I don´t know if I´m doing something wrong but I downloaded it but when I try o open it, it shows me the codes of the game and not the actual game 

Are you on Windows? If so please ignore all the files except the .exe- thats the executable you run (it should have a turtle icon).

Thank you!


This game was incredible! I cried so hard tho. Thank you, thank you for this amazing experience.

is there a way to play on a chromebook?

Not right now. If your Chromebook can run Android apps, I may be able to export as an Android app but that's going to take a while to get done/verify.

When ever i try to go left or down it wont let me. Is there any way to fix this?

Which part of the game are you at? If the game is stuck you can close the window, restart it and select RELOAD to go to the beginning of that scene.

after i download it and click on the application it says i dont have unityplayer dll downloaded and that it cant open

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That's odd... there should be a UnityPlayer.ddl file in the folder? Are you extracting the entire zip file? I'm assuming you're on Windows.


Absolutely adored this! The visuals were beautiful and I loved how the style of flashbacks and present day contrasted. The story was imaginative and so well-executed; the sense of accomplishment in the end was so great! I also really appreciated the clever blending of film, book, and mini-series adaptions into a coexisting whole. 

Thank you for making this! I had so much fun playing as Richie and I can't thank you enough for pulling on my heartstrings as I did!


God, I enjoyed every second of this game, first of all the art work done for the game is gorgeous, very pleasant to the eyes, especially the (spoilers???) flash back scenes. The story had me very emotional, and had me clinging to every detail. Thank you so much for your time and dedication, this game was exactly what I needed <33


This game was an absolute delight to play! The dialogue was great, the visuals were beautiful and the story overall was very imaginative! I absolutely adored it, thank you so much for your hard work :)


This was an amazing game!! All of the artwork was so pleasant; I love the pixel look, and the flashback cutscenes in particular were so pretty! The brightness and colorfulness of them was such a nice contrast to the dreary, dark usual setting of the house. Loved it!!

And the story in general was just so fantastic! It was really cool seeing the three characters (that I'm not going to mention by name because they're spoilers); I was sooo happy to see them and the dialogue for them (along with all of the other original dialogue) was just stellar! Also I loved the dialogue about the bread thank you

Thank you very much for showing off your creativity with this! <3 It was an absolute blast to play!

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