A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Did you watch IT: Chapter Two and come away with a profound sadness and an all-consuming need to ensure Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak received some sort of happy ending, a need that has fueled every atom of your waking existence for months on end? Congratulations, you’re probably gay and have personal experience in constructing the intricate rituals people won’t shut up about.

Use Your Outside Voice, Richie Tozier! is a piece of fix-IT fanfiction masquerading under the guise of a game. The story is linear if not self-contained. There is no way to lose. There is, probably, no way to fuck it up. I am telling you now that there is exactly one throwaway Easter egg in this game. Good luck. I love you. Let’s try and write something new together.

Content Warning

There are a few minor jump scares in this game, but they are quite literally the exact same ones as in the movie. The game does touch in some capacity on some heavier topics (re: suicide, homophobia), but once again nothing worse than in the movie.


Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to interact.

Length is approximately one hour. Game should autosave at the beginning of scenes but not at any higher granularity than that. Note that starting a new game will overwrite this save.

NOTE: If somehow you break the game or it gets stuck, you can exit out of the game and then select “LOAD” from the main menu to restart that scene. Please let me know if you do manage to break something and I’ll try to debug it!

IF YOU ENJOYED THIS GAME: since it is free to download, please consider donating $2 to a mutual fund (https://mutualaid.carrd.co/), the Okra Project (https://www.theokraproject.com/) or honestly any equivalent local charity of your choice. It would mean a lot to me, thank you!


1. 8bitOperator (https://www.dafont.com/pixel-operator.font)
2.  Garamond (https://ttfonts.net/font/10981_Garamond.htm)
3. IM Fell French Canon (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/IM+Fell+French+Canon)
4. Canterbury (https://www.1001fonts.com/canterbury-font.html)
5. King Richard (https://typodermicfonts.com/king-richard/)
6. Plasmatic (http://typodermicfonts.com/plasmatic/)
7. Razor Keen (http://typodermicfonts.com/razor-keen/)
8. Schlop (http://typodermicfonts.com/shlop/)
9. Rio Grande (https://www.dafont.com/rio-grande.font)

Sound Effects


Updated 16 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags2D, Fangame, Gay, Horror, LGBT, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour

Install instructions

For Windows: Unzip the folder, and simply run the Use Your Outside Voice executable (it has a little turtle icon)

For OSX: should automatically unzip and open the .app. NOTE: Due to Apple requiring a developers license to properly "sign" applications, you may have trouble opening the game on OSX. The fix for this differs depending on version, you may have to google around for it.
Catalina: youtube.com/watch?v=i9TtoOJjGpU

For Chromebook/Linux: PLEASE DO NOT change the resolution (ie fullscreen) the game, this will break it visually. Unfortunately, Linux builds do not let me disable this option.

If you are willing to mess around a bit, you should be able to run the linux build of this game on Chromebooks that run on Intel (x86_64) chipsets. This will NOT work on machines that run on ARM chipsets, so please check!

1) Setup Linux (beta) on your chromebook: https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/9145439?hl=en

2) Basically, execute steps A-E from https://itch.io/t/421076/how-to-play-from-chromebook : download the OutsideVoice_Linux.zip file, copy/paste the only folder in it to Linux Files (which should now exist under My Files if you installed the Linux beta). Make sure you wait for the entire folder to finish getting copied before proceeding!

3) If it didn’t automatically open, open the Linux terminal. You can find it by searching for “linux” or “terminal”. If you’ve never done anything involving the command line interface before, I will do my best to walk you through it.

4) On the command line, if you type and enter “ls”, the OutsideVoice_Linux folder should appear. “ls” is a command that lists all the contents of a directory.

5) Type and enter “cd OutsideVoice_Linux”. “cd” is a command that lets you enter a different directory.

6) Type and enter  “chmod 777 OutsideVoice.x86_64”. “chmod” is a command that changes how a file is registered- in this case, we are telling the system it is something executable.

7) Type and enter “./OutsideVoice.x86_64”. This should execute the file and open the game.

PLEASE NOTE that I have not tested this game in its entirety on chromebook.... its still possible (probably) something will break please let me know if it does! 


OutsideVoice_OSX.zip 80 MB
OutsideVoice_Windows.zip 78 MB
OutsideVoice_Windows(32bit).zip 75 MB
OutsideVoice_Linux.zip 84 MB
Music.zip 51 MB

Development log


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Hi! I fixed my moving problem from ages ago ( w a s d seemed to work!) ,but now it won't let me choose the options on the part where Richie is asking Eddie about medical info. I've tried w a s d and the arrow pads, but it seems to have no luck, do you know a way I could fix this?


I still have no idea why the original problem was happening, and also why WASD works (I never...added WASD support but thats FINE)...it should be you can make choices with up/down arrows (W/S) but I guess its not working for you... what operating system/version do you have again? 

Hi, When I go to open the Linux files, it just has been continously showing a loading  screen? This is just a fault on my part but I was wondering what is wrong with the files?

I think linux files just takes some time (a couple minutes for me) to boot up, so I’m hoping thats the case here- otherwise, you might try restarting your computer.

HI! I have set up linux beta, i have downloaded the OutsideVoice_Linux.zip file, and copied the folder, but I can't paste it into Linux Files. I have tried multiple times, I just can't get it to work. Does anyone know how to fix this? (I am using an acer chromebook. I dont know which version, but it was manufactured on May 15, 2018)

When you right click, is there just no paste option? A screenshot would be helpful!

It just says "command not found"

1) It looks somehow you are copy/pasting the text “avadurkin78@penguin” which of course isn’t going to run as a command

2) “ls” as in “lowercase L lowercase S”, not “capital i”!

3) I’m assuming you never successfully pasted the directory (since its not found)...what happens when you click ON the “Linux files” folder in the sidebar (of your first screenshot)? It should be completely empty and then you can paste into it:

And then try the command line steps:

I worked! Thank you so much! It was so fun to play!

Hi I've read the instructions and have tried to download it multiple times, but every time it says it can't be opened. I'm on  MacBook Pro 

Did you try the youtube instructions? What mac OS are you running?

H! Ive read the instructions but i cant seem to understand how to download it. ( Im on a macbook air)

Have you successfully downloaded the zip file?

i can download the zip file but after it says it cant be opened

Can you post a screenshot

Did these steps work?


Hi there! I'm playing on Linux/Chromebook and while I love the game so far, I'm having a few issues. Everything runs perfectly until partway through the Spider Stan scene, immediately after Ben stabs him. At that point, the music stops and I'm unable to interact with anything or continue playing. Stan's head seems to get stuck in the doorway (as seen in the screenshot!), and is the only thing that continues moving onscreen. With the exception of his legs scurrying, nothing else happens. I've tried to play this scene about six separate times now, and the game has stopped working at this exact point every time.

(2 edits)

Hey! This is a very specific question but when Stan gets to the doorway does he do a little growl and shake before he gets stuck? Trying to pinpoint where this might be breaking. I just checked out the latest build on my chromebook in case I accidentally introduced a bug while uploading a patch, but it's not happening for me ):
You can try, just in case:
1) Restarting your computer
2) A different resolution

Hi again, thanks for responding! In my previous attempts he DID growl and shake before getting stuck. I tried it again after restarting my Chromebook, and this time Stan went all the way through the doorway but the game still froze afterwards. Sorry for bothering you about this!

Could you try a different resolution (settings->resolution), just for this scene? I think 720 should hopefully still fit on a chromebook screen. I have no idea why this would work, but apparently someone running windows32 who encountered the same problem managed to fix it this way. If not, I'll take a look at the logic and see if I can tighten it up in the evening!

Anyways, I just updated the Linux build with a small logical change there. I don't know if it'll actually help because I can't test it, but let me know how it goes!

Ugh thank you so much for this.

This is the ending that we deserve.

thank you thank you thank you.

Things can always be different :')

Also do you think you would ever make the soundtrack available to download? It was lovely and id love to be able to listen again.

The files are already there! Music.zip!

this game was so good! i got really sad when it ended, i didn't want it to.

I really needed this, thank you so much. Such a brilliant work!

i dont know where i can get linux

What sort of computer do you have? How old is it?

this was so beautiful!! i can't imagine the amount of time and effort that went into this game that made it so amazing. thank you for a wonderful expreience :)

This was such a beautiful game! The art and were music were amazing, and I loved the story so much!!!

It just says this! Can someone please help? Thanks!

Hi! If you just click the 'more info' then it will give you the option to run the application anyway.

hi, I’m on an Apple iPad, and I don’t know how to get the game, some advise would be good please

I'm so sorry for bothering you again... I downloaded the game, but when I try to open it the page doesn't respond and then close... there's something that I can do about that?

(1 edit)

Which operating system? Do you mean the zip file doesn’t unzip, or does your browser crash?

the browser, when i click on the little turtle icon the page doesn't respond 

(2 edits)

The....browser? Are you sure? If you’ve gotten to the turtle icon I imagine you’ve successfully unzipped the file.

I see you’re on Windows. Do you know if you have a 32bit or 64bit operating system? If you could include a screenshot, that would also help a great deal.

this is the screenshot. Basically when i open the game the page doesn't respond and close...thank you again for your help

Can you try the 32 bit version? Even if your computer has 64 bit architecture it should still be able to run the other one.


Hey! sorry to bother you but I'm having some trouble downloading this content, when i try to download this it only downloads the music. im using a Mac, i dont have linux, is there a different way to play?

yeah, same... but i have windows 

im glad im not the only one

Sorry, I was switching out the files with a bugfix and forgot to unhide the downloads! They’re back now.

thank you so much :)

how can i download it if i have windows 10 core i5? 


i don't have chromebook, and i can't have linux. i really want to play it 

Sorry, I was switching out the files with a bugfix and forgot to unhide the downloads! They’re back now.

hi! first off, this game is absolutely beautiful and i am in awe of your incredible work. but i have a recurring problem: i downloaded it on mac, OSX 10.9.5 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 - I installed the game succefully and it runs great up until spider-stan pops out of the fridge and then it just crashes every time. i have tried redownloading and unzipping the app, restarting my computer, starting a new game, just about everything i can think of and it still crashes in the same place each time. (included a screencap for reference)

(1 edit)

Hey! You’re I think the second person (to tell me at least) who gets this persistent crash at this point in the game. Thank you for including this screenshot- so it definitely crashes exactly here? Is it when you try to load the next piece of dialogue, but without it successfully getting rendered?

yes, this piece of dialogue is the last thing to play correctly and when i press space to continue the whole thing just crashes. the rest of the game up to this point plays perfectly, i have been able to interact with everyone in the house and get their dialogues and haven't had any weird flickers or stuttering.

Ok, cool! The screenshot was actually super helpful. The next line of dialogue includes some garbled/cursed text, which I'm thinking on most machines renders fine but on specific machines.....crashes. I've updated the builds to just use plain text, please download and try again and see if it works!

success!! it's so wild that THAT would have been the problem, considering my computer has no problems w/ cursed text anywhere else. but anyways, it worked! thanks so much for the quick reply, and for the INCREDIBLE game. i have to go to work now unfortunately but im looking forward to playing more of it later. :D

I wish it had been more interactive, and that at least Richie had kissed Eddie. by the way, very good game cry a little in almost everything, I love it!

Thank you for creating suck an outstanding, beautiful game. It's so heartwarming to see a change of endings.

the end is sooo sweet and satisfying i loved it <3 

Hey!! After the Spider Stan scene, the game pauses and it won't allow me to move nor pull up any dialog. Do you have any tips on how to fix that?

Oh no, sounds like a bug! Does this happen if you try reloading the game?

I played the game after a few weeks of waiting for it to work on Chromebook(thank you btw for putting it on)and I loved it!The graphics are awesome and the game runs very smoothly!This is by far the best game I have ever played,thank you!!!

I played this game for the first time today. The Emotion <chef kiss> The visuals <chef kiss> The audio <chef kiss> All considered, 10/10.


best game I've ever played !!! :D

I loved this game so much it was amazing!!! I loved the story and the design and art of the game. It really made me emotional at times but i loved it  plus the sounds and music were great. Thank you so much for making this amazing game<3 

does is work on mobile-

Sorry, you'll need a computer to play it!

this game was amazing!! i loved the story, the art, the sound design, everything

thank you so much for making this, i cannot believe i got to play it for free <3

how do i get through the pothole to get into the cistern? I'm trying to walk to o it but idk if I have to press a button too

Go talk to Eddie!

thank you! 

I followed the video for the mac download and no luck.. anything else i could try?

What’s happening after you try the steps?

I need help please

What are you stuck on?

it keeps saying that unityplayer.dll cant be found even though I downloaded the game like 3 times

Did you extract all the files in the zip folder? There should be one called unityplayer.dll in there.

I gotta say, that's not the easter egg I was expecting, but it got a laugh out of me hahah good game.

i cried so much during this its so amazing you did really good on making this i was so surprised during this its so amazing 

hi. when i open it i can't go full screen :( does anyone have any advice?

There’s no fullscreen option, but if you to instructions/settings you can pick a different resolution.

thank you:)

I LOVED THIS!!! I made a video playing through, but I don't think I found the easter egg. 

(1 edit)

I've done what people have suggested but now it won't give me an option to open it. I really wanna play this game...!!!I have a Macbook pro!

Did you follow the catalina/youtube tutorial?

yes I did and it didn't seem to work, unless I did it wrong but I did it three times 

When you go into the app files (like in the video), what is the “kind” of the macos/use your outside voice file now?

it's not working for me, i've done everything i'm supposed to do and it's still not working. i have a chromebook and i've downloaded everything i needed to and it still won't let me play. 


What error are you getting?

Thank you.Thank you so much.

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