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Did you watch IT: Chapter Two and come away with a profound sadness and an all-consuming need to ensure Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak received some sort of happy ending, a need that has fueled every atom of your waking existence for months on end? Congratulations, you’re probably gay and have personal experience in constructing the intricate rituals people won’t shut up about.

Use Your Outside Voice, Richie Tozier! is a piece of fix-IT fanfiction masquerading under the guise of a game. The story is linear if not self-contained. There is no way to lose. There is, probably, no way to fuck it up. I am telling you now that there is exactly one throwaway Easter egg in this game. Good luck. I love you. Let’s try and write something new together.

CODA/EPILOGUE: https://mapurl.itch.io/let-yourself-out

Content Warning

There are a few minor jump scares in this game, but they are quite literally the exact same ones as in the movie. The game does touch in some capacity on some heavier topics (re: suicide, homophobia), but once again nothing worse than in the movie.


Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to interact.

Length is approximately one hour. Game should autosave at the beginning of scenes but not at any higher granularity than that. Note that starting a new game will overwrite this save.

NOTE: If somehow you break the game or it gets stuck, you can exit out of the game and then select “LOAD” from the main menu to restart that scene. Please let me know if you do manage to break something and I’ll try to debug it!

IF YOU ENJOYED THIS GAME: since it is free to download, please consider donating $2 to a mutual fund (https://mutualaid.carrd.co/), or honestly any equivalent local charity of your choice. It would mean a lot to me, thank you!


1. 8bitOperator (https://www.dafont.com/pixel-operator.font)
2.  Garamond (https://ttfonts.net/font/10981_Garamond.htm)
3. IM Fell French Canon (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/IM+Fell+French+Canon)
4. Canterbury (https://www.1001fonts.com/canterbury-font.html)
5. King Richard (https://typodermicfonts.com/king-richard/)
6. Plasmatic (http://typodermicfonts.com/plasmatic/)
7. Razor Keen (http://typodermicfonts.com/razor-keen/)
8. Schlop (http://typodermicfonts.com/shlop/)
9. Rio Grande (https://www.dafont.com/rio-grande.font)

Sound Effects


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(131 total ratings)
Tags2D, Fangame, Gay, Horror, LGBT, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour


OutsideVoice_OSX.zip 80 MB
OutsideVoice_Windows.zip 78 MB
OutsideVoice_Windows(32bit).zip 75 MB
OutsideVoice_Linux.zip 84 MB
Music.zip 51 MB

Install instructions

For Windows: Unzip the folder, and simply run the Use Your Outside Voice executable (it has a little turtle icon)

For OSX: should automatically unzip and open the .app. NOTE: Due to Apple requiring a developers license to properly "sign" applications, you may have trouble opening the game on OSX. The fix for this differs depending on version, you may have to google around for it.
Catalina: youtube.com/watch?v=i9TtoOJjGpU

For Chromebook/Linux: PLEASE DO NOT change the resolution (ie fullscreen) the game, this will break it visually. Unfortunately, Linux builds do not let me disable this option.

If you are willing to mess around a bit, you should be able to run the linux build of this game on Chromebooks that run on Intel (x86_64) chipsets. This will NOT work on machines that run on ARM chipsets, so please check!

1) Setup Linux (beta) on your chromebook: https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/9145439?hl=en

2) Basically, execute steps A-E from https://itch.io/t/421076/how-to-play-from-chromebook : download the OutsideVoice_Linux.zip file, copy/paste the only folder in it to Linux Files (which should now exist under My Files if you installed the Linux beta). Make sure you wait for the entire folder to finish getting copied before proceeding!

3) If it didn’t automatically open, open the Linux terminal. You can find it by searching for “linux” or “terminal”. If you’ve never done anything involving the command line interface before, I will do my best to walk you through it.

4) On the command line, if you type and enter “ls”, the OutsideVoice_Linux folder should appear. “ls” is a command that lists all the contents of a directory.

5) Type and enter “cd OutsideVoice_Linux”. “cd” is a command that lets you enter a different directory.

6) Type and enter  “chmod 777 OutsideVoice.x86_64”. “chmod” is a command that changes how a file is registered- in this case, we are telling the system it is something executable.

7) Type and enter “./OutsideVoice.x86_64”. This should execute the file and open the game.

PLEASE NOTE that I have not tested this game in its entirety on chromebook.... its still possible (probably) something will break please let me know if it does! 

Development log


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god this game was amazing. i cant even begin to describe the feelings this evoked in me, how happy it made me. it was so heartfelt and amazingly made. the art, the game design, the story...seriously, it was gorgeous. im writing my own time loop reddie fic at the moment and this gave me so much inspiration. it also just...made my day. i know the game is kind of old now, but my god. i wish id been in the fandom when it was at its height and this had just came out. i dont even know how to express my love for this game. seriously, wherever you are now as a creator, and whether youre still in the fandom now- i hope youre proud of yourself. this is absolutely phenomenal and probably my favorite fanwork ever. youre not just talented, youre like,,,i dont even know. i just dont have the words to tell you that this game was gorgeous in every conceivable way and left me in happy tears. im accepting this as canon, now 

Hi I know its been like 3 years lol but i can not for the life of me get this games downloaded I have in the past on my Chromebook but trying it again its not working and same with my windows when I go to unzip it there is no turtle icon. I would love some help cause I loved this game and would love to come back to it 

I figured it out I cried so hard still as great as I remembered it!!!!!!!

I just finished the game. Currently want to cry. However, I loved it. So good and well made!

Love love LOVE this game! I’ve played it 5-6 times through in the past without any issues. 

Howeveeeeeer, this most recent time, I ran into a glitch where the music shuts out and Stan gets stuck in the doorway and nothing will react on the keyboard to leave this sequence. I’ve tried rebooting the game, restarting my laptop, and changing the resolution (all suggestions I saw from an earlier thread where a chromebook user had the same issue- however, I’m on Windows). 

I’ve also left it running like this for a solid 10 minutes straight thinking he might “dislodge”, as well as retrying the game from the beginning of this scene multiple times when attempting to see if any of my tweaks fixed the issue. 

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i dont know if you still reply but im on chromebook and the last step doesent have an error but it wont open, i have the right chip but it wont open

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi! Sorry, I haven't thought about this in a hot minute- what happens when you try to play it, does no window pop up? It does look like its executing the program properly. I'm assuming this is hanging for several minutes with nothing happening, otherwise it may just take some time to kick in. Unfortunately I no longer have a chromebook, so can't really debug this (also may not be able to recreate it).

Alternatively, it may be possible to download the itch.io linux client and play the game through that- but I've never tried this so I don't know if it works or not: https://www.linuxmadesimple.info/2020/12/how-to-download-itchio-app-on-chromeboo...

Deleted post

just found+played this, it was a lot of fun and there were some really emotional parts. during the end sequence, i couldn't help but chant "this is so sexy" over and over, i love how you went about it.

tengo un problema me tira error por el tamaño


I just finished playing this, and oh my god. I practically started crying like 3 different times. it was so cute, sad, and amazing! it wouldn't full screen but I don't know if it was meant to or not but I didn't mind that much. I LOVED THIS OVERALL 10/10


wow that was absolutely incredible, i'm blown away by how amazing this is

It turned out very well,not just good, but great. I just wish there were more languages. As a person who does not know much English, I find it a little difficult in some sentences


I almost never comment but... My God. I can't find the words to bring my feelings into text. I have never, in all my life, played a game that made me feel this way before. This game is a masterpiece. I don't think I'll ever see a game like this again... But that's okay. 

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That was amazing. Oh my god. I don't think I've cried this much ever. I don't want to give any potential spoilers, but the ending that I got literally made me sob. Omg. I love these characters more than life itself and I love you for making this. Thank you, thank you, thank you so, so much.

Do you have to download this game to your computer before you can play?


Yes, there’s no web build available.

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Hi, im having trouble understanding steps 4-7 for my chromebook. 


Hi- what are you stuck on? Have you tried these screenshots?


Hi again, where are the download instructions for Windows? I can't find them on here?

You should be able to just download, unzip/save somewhere, and open the program by clicking on the turtle icon.

I'm on chromebook and Linux files are failing to load due to "Error mounting Crostini container 51"- do you know how I can fix that?

Hi- I've never seen that error before, sorry! You might be able to try some fixes other people have recorded: https://www.codevamping.com/2018/11/chromeos-linux-tips/ , or reinstalling the linux partition.

Hi! i'm on windows and it keeps saying it wont run because 'Unityplayer.dll' was not found, and to re-install the program. But I can literally see the file titled that and iv'e deleted and installed a few times?

Hey- did you extract the files/save them somewhere first? If you're trying to run it directly from the temp zip folder it might not work.


I love this game! Ngl I almost cried but  10/10 would reccomend!!

Hello! sorry to bother but im kinda confused, i downloaded the files pn my computer (chromebook/linux setup) and everytime i press on like the files its says nothing is found and not letting me play? did i do something wrong or-

Hi there! On which step does this happen?

So when i copy n paste it to linux files and then press on the folder than press on the like Outsidevoice_89 file (i cant remember what else the file had at the end) but when i press on it and it says the nothing is found- i know i sound confusing but i dont remember what step i was on but i would love to play ur game but its just not working for me

Did you get the terminal open (the black program with the white text on step 4/5)? Here are some screenshots of the steps. Unfortunately if your machine has an ARM chip instead of an intel chip, this game won’t be able to run- it’ll display an error message on the last step.

ohh i did it wrong, thanks so much for the help!!

Hi! Whenever I type " ./OutsideVoice.x86_64", it says that "it cannot execute the binary file". does that just mean that I can't play it on my computer? I did all the steps correctly.

Yes, unfortunately that means your machine probably has an ARM chip (vs intel) and can't play this game. Sorry ):

when i typed cd OutsideVoice_Linux/ it came up w an error message )): is there anything i did wrong or is it just not compatible?


how do you download

I had trouble asking Eddie about his book part, mostly trying to ask him questions other than burns. the arrows don't respond.

(1 edit)

Up and down arrows? I think a handful of other people have mentioned this as well, and I unfortunately don’t have a good fix for it because I have no idea how its happening. You are stopping on the question selection screen instead of accidentally selecting the first option, right?

(1 edit)

First of all, Thank you for your response. And Yes, that's right, I stop at the question selection screen instead of randomly selecting the first option.
Up and down arrows, Yes. I'll try to explain. Burns is in bold, and I try to select other response options using the up and down arrows, but they don't respond to my actions.


Yeah, I’m really, really sorry! I don’t have a good solution to this! When you hit the down arrow the next line doesn’t bold but does it at least play a little sound effect? If it does, even if the next line isn’t bolded can you try hitting space to see if the selection is changed (I am assuming not).  As a last ditch attempt you can try restarting your computer or restarting the game in a different resolution, but unfortunately I’m not sure what’s causing this.

Oh, I'm afraid not even a sound effect and nothing works. In any case, I really liked this game, thank you for your work and answers to my questions!

hi I'm at the bit before you go into the hatch inside the sewers but it won't let me talk to Eddie I've tried clicking on him and walking around him but nothing happens, any tips? 

You walk up to him and push spacebar! In fact, you can trigger conversations with any of the Losers at any point in the game this way.

Kinda confused here my laptop (HP) is just showing files and not doing anything 

HP so I'm assuming Windows OS? If you unzip the file you should be able to open the game by clicking on the turtle icon.


Despite everything, it's still you.


Oh my god this game was so wonderful and well written!

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Hi! I fixed my moving problem from ages ago ( w a s d seemed to work!) ,but now it won't let me choose the options on the part where Richie is asking Eddie about medical info. I've tried w a s d and the arrow pads, but it seems to have no luck, do you know a way I could fix this?


I still have no idea why the original problem was happening, and also why WASD works (I never...added WASD support but thats FINE)...it should be you can make choices with up/down arrows (W/S) but I guess its not working for you... what operating system/version do you have again? 


Sorry i'm late to replying everything's been a bit crazy, i use microsoft and have a asus vivobook laptop.

Deleted 3 years ago

I think linux files just takes some time (a couple minutes for me) to boot up, so I’m hoping thats the case here- otherwise, you might try restarting your computer.

HI! I have set up linux beta, i have downloaded the OutsideVoice_Linux.zip file, and copied the folder, but I can't paste it into Linux Files. I have tried multiple times, I just can't get it to work. Does anyone know how to fix this? (I am using an acer chromebook. I dont know which version, but it was manufactured on May 15, 2018)

When you right click, is there just no paste option? A screenshot would be helpful!

It just says "command not found"

1) It looks somehow you are copy/pasting the text “avadurkin78@penguin” which of course isn’t going to run as a command

2) “ls” as in “lowercase L lowercase S”, not “capital i”!

3) I’m assuming you never successfully pasted the directory (since its not found)...what happens when you click ON the “Linux files” folder in the sidebar (of your first screenshot)? It should be completely empty and then you can paste into it:

And then try the command line steps:

I worked! Thank you so much! It was so fun to play!

Hi I've read the instructions and have tried to download it multiple times, but every time it says it can't be opened. I'm on  MacBook Pro 

Did you try the youtube instructions? What mac OS are you running?

H! Ive read the instructions but i cant seem to understand how to download it. ( Im on a macbook air)

Have you successfully downloaded the zip file?

i can download the zip file but after it says it cant be opened

Can you post a screenshot

Did these steps work?


Hi there! I'm playing on Linux/Chromebook and while I love the game so far, I'm having a few issues. Everything runs perfectly until partway through the Spider Stan scene, immediately after Ben stabs him. At that point, the music stops and I'm unable to interact with anything or continue playing. Stan's head seems to get stuck in the doorway (as seen in the screenshot!), and is the only thing that continues moving onscreen. With the exception of his legs scurrying, nothing else happens. I've tried to play this scene about six separate times now, and the game has stopped working at this exact point every time.

(2 edits)

Hey! This is a very specific question but when Stan gets to the doorway does he do a little growl and shake before he gets stuck? Trying to pinpoint where this might be breaking. I just checked out the latest build on my chromebook in case I accidentally introduced a bug while uploading a patch, but it's not happening for me ):
You can try, just in case:
1) Restarting your computer
2) A different resolution

Hi again, thanks for responding! In my previous attempts he DID growl and shake before getting stuck. I tried it again after restarting my Chromebook, and this time Stan went all the way through the doorway but the game still froze afterwards. Sorry for bothering you about this!

Could you try a different resolution (settings->resolution), just for this scene? I think 720 should hopefully still fit on a chromebook screen. I have no idea why this would work, but apparently someone running windows32 who encountered the same problem managed to fix it this way. If not, I'll take a look at the logic and see if I can tighten it up in the evening!

Anyways, I just updated the Linux build with a small logical change there. I don't know if it'll actually help because I can't test it, but let me know how it goes!

Ugh thank you so much for this.

This is the ending that we deserve.

thank you thank you thank you.

Things can always be different :')

Also do you think you would ever make the soundtrack available to download? It was lovely and id love to be able to listen again.

The files are already there! Music.zip!

this game was so good! i got really sad when it ended, i didn't want it to.

I really needed this, thank you so much. Such a brilliant work!

i dont know where i can get linux

What sort of computer do you have? How old is it?

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